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If you want to improve your organic presence, conducting an in-depth SEO audit is the starting point. My approach to identifying problems that are holding your website back is comprehensive. I analyse current rankings, backlink profiles, existing content, technical aspects of the website (speed, security, website design), and anything else that could be hindering your website’s performance.

Kickstart a successful SEO campaign

A quality SEO audit is a map you can use to build a strong foundation for your ongoing SEO. It highlights problems on your website, and problems in the SEO game mean opportunities.

I make sure every client receives valuable feedback from an SEO audit. My findings and conclusions won’t be delivered in a report filled with meaningless technical jargon. Instead, I’ll schedule a call with you to go over the SEO audit and discuss an action plan to improve your SEO.

Working with an SEO Agency and not happy with the results?

Perhaps you already know a fair bit about Search Engine Optimisation or are already working with an SEO agency, but not getting the results you want. If so, my in-depth SEO Audit Service will assist by highlighting issues with your website or current campaigns that you can then address.

What is included in the SEO Audit?

01. Technical Analysis

A technical SEO audit will uncover issues in how your website has been set up, and identify how they are reducing organic traffic to your website. The technical review focusses solely on technical performance and on-site factors, such as site speed, redirects, sitemaps and integrations. With this information, I can fix technical issues on your website, including factors that help search engines crawl, index, and understand your site more effectively.

02. Performance Analysis

The next step is to analyse how each of your web pages performs. I will check the positioning of your best-performing pages and suggest improvements. This phase analyses more than 80 on-site factors that are important for SEO. (Note, larger websites and E-commerce platforms may be subject to different pricing.)

03. Competitor Analysis

Don’t you love this phase? At this point, I will reverse engineer your main competitors and create a list of some low-hanging keywords to target. There is an ever-growing number of players in profitable industries, so you need to be at the top of your game to compete with them online. If your competitors are already using SEO, you’ll want to get ahead of them.

04. Actionable Game Plan

The goal of every SEO audit is to develop a strategy to improve existing website performance, site architecture, fix technical issues, and enhance content. My final call will focus on what needs to be done, rather than what is wrong with your website.

06. Strategy Call

No, I will not send you an SEO report full of technical jargon that you don’t understand. I make sure my clients receive value for their investment. A strategy call involves a video call where I can share my screen with you to review the SEO audit findings. I will give you a list of prioritised actions that you need to take to improve your SEO.

Can I request just the SEO Audit and not the implementations?

Yes, you can request an SEO audit with no obligation to hire me for any further SEO work or consulting. This service is excellent for businesses that are already working with an SEO agency but are unhappy with the results.

Why do you conduct manual SEO audits?

I believe that there is no automatic tool that can beat the human factor. In the past, I have used numerous SEO tools such as SEOptimer, Woorank, and SEO Site Checkup. Most of them are inaccurate, and their list of recommendations is often vague, covering only the very basics of SEO.

How much does an SEO Audit cost?

An SEO Audit will cost you AU$900. The audit includes an analysis of your best-performing pages (audits for larger websites or E-commerce websites will be quoted differently). After the audit, you may or may not opt-in for my ongoing SEO services

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