Hello, I'm Dess.

I’m an SEO Consultant and I help businesses like yours improve online presence, drive relevant traffic and generate more leads from organic search.

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I will help you maximise your performance in organic search, generate more leads, sales and revenue. I can provide thorough SEO audits, custom strategies, and expertise in a way that large marketing agencies won’t.

Custom-tailored SEO

My SEO campaigns are fully managed so you can do what you do best and focus on your business. Through monthly strategy calls, I’ll keep you informed on the work that has been done. I will design a custom-tailored SEO campaign covering all SEO angles with the main goal of driving relevant traffic that converts into leads and customers. My campaigns are based around delivering a return on marketing investment for your business. I focus on what matters and that’s you getting leads and customers from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Comprehensive SEO audit

Conducting an in-depth SEO audit is an essential starting point for any business wanting to improve its organic presence. I use a comprehensive approach to identify the problems that are holding your website back. A good SEO audit is a roadmap to building a strong foundation for your ongoing SEO. I always try to exceed my clients’ expectations. Unlike other SEO agencies, I am not going to send you a meaningless full of technical jargon report. I am all about value, so after I perform the audit, I’ll schedule a call with you and we’ll go over my findings and discuss what you can do to improve your website.


My name is Dess Angelova and I am an SEO consultant.

My career in digital marketing started in 2010  when I took a job as a digital marketing assistant at a startup company. Over the years, I have worked for numerous small and medium businesses in Australia helping them with local SEO and digital marketing expertise. I also have agency experience.

Currently, I am a freelancer-contractor. I help established businesses maximise their website performance in the search, generating leads, and sales from organic reach.

I’m happy to provide thorough SEO audits, custom strategies, and general expertise in a way that large marketing & SEO agencies won’t.

Why Choose Me?

ROI Based

My main goal is to deliver a return on investment for your business. If you invest $1, i make sure you get at least $2 back.

High-End SEO

SEO done right continues to produce results long after you stopped paying for it. High-end SEO is worth the investment.

Monthly Calls

If you work with me, you can expect monthly reports, and calls as I keep you informed of the process and where we’re heading.

Realistic Expectations

By establishing realistic expectations, it allows us to work together to achieve campaign goals.

How am I different?

I don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to search engine optimisation and your business doesn’t fit into a template. For this reason, I deliver custom-tailored SEO campaigns.

If you work with me, I will dedicate a minimum of 15 hours per month on your website because SEO takes time and consistent effort. For quicker results, you can purchase more hours.

My goal is to deliver a return on investment for your business. I focus on what matters for your business: sales, leads, profit, and revenue.

SEO is not a magic trick and SEO experts are not magicians. The best of us exercise ethical practices, building client relationships based on realistic expectations instead of empty promises.

Questions & Answers

It depends on numerous factors such as type of industry, competitors, where your business is at, and what has already been done in terms of SEO. The simple answer here is that search engine optimisation takes time and consistent effort.

If you try to cheat the system, Google will catch up on you sooner or later. Fast rankings and quickly gained traffic have the tendency to vanish and overnight success based on bad links or dodgy practices can be a short-lived joy, resulting in a red flag for Google which could make your website suffer serious consequences.

Steady growth is an indication that your business is in it for the long run and will be looked upon more favourably by Google.

I take on a limited number of clients because it’s important to me to deliver value to your business through well-executed campaigns with no stress. I don’t rely on volumes, as most of the “affordable” SEO agencies out there. I am dedicated to fewer clients, but I make sure I do it right.

I can guarantee you that I’ll use only white-hat SEO practices and will do the job right.  

If you ask about rankings guarantee, the answer is “No”, as no one can guarantee you position #1.  SEO guarantees have been associated with scam and dodgy companies. These companies are simply using guarantees as a sales mechanism to grab your credit card details as quickly as possible. Until you realised that, you are already 3-4 months into a campaign and you have wasted precious time to do it right.  That’s simply not the way I roll.

Yes, you can request an SEO Audit with no obligation to hire me for any further SEO work or consulting. In fact, the SEO Audit service is great for businesses that are already working with an SEO agency but are not happy with the results so far.


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Where Do I start?

Let’s talk. Book a no-obligation call so we can talk more about your business and how I can help you. I will ask you a number of questions to define if you are a good fit.